Thursday, May 22, 2008


In April 2008, COCA offered a gentle afternoon tea social of rare imperfect beauty during

wabi sabi
a COCA tea social

A gorgeous sunny day spent at Mountain Lake Park in San Francisco with beautiful views of the lake, fresh sunshine, and delightful social experiences -- that were natural as a warm breeze. Yummy homemade cakes and curious teas were served and a wabi sabi tableaux kept growing with imperfect/rustic/aged objects.

The pics above reflect the ambience and fellowship. No art per se, but vital social communication was our goal -- a vivid appreciation for life and all its imperfections within a natural environment. Joyous!

With very cherry in 2007 and wabi sabi in 2008, one wonders what next year's COCA social will bring?

We hope you will discover that with us next year!
Photos by Elliot Lessing