Sunday, August 5, 2007

Esprit Park Open Skies

Park Esprit Park
Artist Jason Robert Bell
Project The Twilight Kingdom
Hours Friday thru Sunday, Oct 19-21, noon-5 PM

The Twilight World combined Jason's Trashsures series (sculptural lost objects, designed to be discovered by chance) with his ongoing interest in metaphysics, esoteric images, folklore, and mythology.

People of all ages were invited to delight in the gentle transformation of public space -- where adventure, chance, and the spirit of fantasy were aglow.

Part Halloween folklore, part Trickster tale, part Celtic Phooka mythology -- fantastical, archetypal, or symbolic creatures and humans abound, with a fanciful checklist for visitors to discover their whereabouts -- or be discovered themselves.
Visitors met the wizardly enigmatic "Old Man", modeled after Emperor Norton, who surveys the park -- offering visitors formal citizenship of this fantastic kingdom!

Jason Robert Bell blurred the lines between waking reality, sculptural oddysey, and a twilight daydream.

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