Sunday, August 5, 2007

Golden Gate Park/Peacock Meadow Open Skies

Park Golden Gate Park/Peacock Meadow
Artist Rebecca Herman and Mark Shoffner
Project Operation Desert Mirage
Hours Friday thru Sunday, Oct 19-21, noon-5 PM
Activities Tug-O-War Event: Sat & Sun, Oct 20 & 21, 1 PM both days

Operation Desert Mirage is a sculptural installation and participatory event in Golden Gate Park’s beautiful Peacock Meadow.

This compelling and timely installation offers a hyperreal presence of a desert mountain range inserting itself the green landscape. Inspired by elements taken from ancient architecture and modern warfare, the suggestion of a sudden change in the ecosystem or a creeping military movement is evoked.

All-ages visitors are invited to take part in a tug-o-war game over a symbolic geological “fault line” or military “front line.” This playful tug-o-war participatory performance is half sport, half military exercise for the new urban resident, as two teams compete for camps that make up the Operation Desert Mirage mountain range.

Join Rebecca Herman and Mark Shoffner, as they invade our minds with subtle thought-bombs -- both exotic and eerily familiar.

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