Sunday, August 5, 2007

John McLaren Park Open Skies

Park John McLaren Park
Artist Ellen Babcock with Hannah Barnard-Henke, Amy Dotts, Shawn Hibmacronan, Marnika Shelton, Gian Giglio
Project McLarenology
Hours Friday thru Sunday, Oct 19-21, noon-5 PM

McLarenology explored the bold and eccentric life of John McLaren, or "The Boss" as he was often called.

Uber steward of natural beauty, friend of John Muir, Scotsman champion of lawn bowling -- yet vexed by notions of statuary in the parks! This fascinating figure offered artists clear challenges regarding public artworks that unearthed McLaren's persona and psychology.

Ellen Babcock and her courageous action team braved wildly historical mandates in order to chart new vistas in public sculpture and empathetic form.

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