Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fillmore/Turk Mini Park Open Skies

Park Fillmore/Turk Mini Park
Artist Moses
Project 6 Beats Deep
Hours Friday thru Sunday, Oct 19-21, noon-5 PM

6 Beats Deep was a highly stylized memorial sculpture designed to creatively provide a public focal point where community members may come together to peacefully reflect on issues involving violence, music, youth, gangs, politics, and ultimately -- healing.

Through this brave new project, our hope was to offer a vivid and humanizing catalyst for people to begin new dialogue about a subject that is often controversial or too painful for people to openly discuss. In many ways, 6 Beats Deep paid respect to the deceased while inviting people to explore complex underlying issues surrounding needless violence within our community.

A personalized soundtrack was audible at moderate levels to add ambience and engage project visitors.

Moses created a compelling community experience to inspire new connectivity, rejuvenation, and positive growth for one of San Francisco’s important historical areas!

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