Sunday, August 5, 2007

Golden Gate Park/Stow Lake

Park Golden Gate Park/Stowe Lake
Artist Freya Bardell with Brian Howe

Project Liver (trans)Plant

Hours Friday thru Sunday, Oct 19-21, noon-5 PM, evening viewings till 10 PM


Liver (trans)Plant was a morphogenetic floating island designed to attract nature and community to the banks of Stowe Lake in a completely new way.

This transformative wetland/sculpture brought new life and attention to the water quality of Stowe Lake, as it gently moved through water bodies, seeking contaminates. The sculpture's plants acted as a filter, becoming a form of productive and protective infrastructure that actively broke down some of the identified pollutants in the lake. For two days guests were encouraged to paddle the Liver around Stowe Lake, while a central illuminated beacon translated the water quality data into colored light, informing the boaters of the real-time water quality of Stow Lake.

At night, a network of interactive elements came to life. LED lighting floated on the surface of the water translating water quality, air quality and a variety of other environmental data into color and sensation.

Freya Bardell and Brian Howe offered a shoreline view of the diverse life-forms that were naturally attracted to the healing qualities of this unique sculpture -- all within the backdrop of Stow Lake’s enchanted living features.

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